Web Development

Web Design and Development

To the NOVA4 team, every webpage is a new character to be created. Other than fast domains and servers, our focus in developing webpages is split into two categories. The first is to ensure the services the webpage aims to offer by making scrolling continuous, avoiding irrelevant tabs and presenting important information in a highlighted and brief manner. The second focal point is the presentation. Attracting clients is the first step to interest them and inform them. NOVA4 understands the online audience and we cater to them through minimalistic, beautiful layouts, interesting colour formats, appropriate imagery and meaningful symbology. In creating these characters or webpages, NOVA4 is very dedicated because we are very interested.


Imperium is a Latin word which, in a broad sense, translates roughly as 'power to command'. NOVA4 brings you the IMPERIUM CMS system, empowering you with the ability to control every single aspect of your website. Encounter the same user experience on all of your devices. Fits all screen resolutions with no exception. Access your dashboard at any time by signing in with your credentials. Track every single combination of information you can think of, tailored for your needs. Toggle different sections of your application or website on and off. Feel free to turn off the entire website at your will. IMPERIUM CMS has been built from the ground up with security kept in mind. For the safety of its customers, NOVA4 regularly keeps its security algorithm up to date to avoid future problems. SSL Security Certificates are installed to secure all online transactions done through IMPERIUM. Several self-developed and commercial algorithms are used to block unexpected attacks.

Graphic Design

NOVA4’s design process covers logos, branding, magazines, newspapers, product packages, billboard and website graphics. The team can tell you about the methods and applications used to create their new and liberated designs (Adobe, typographers, typesetters) but we choose to focus on the fact that we draw on inspirations, we borrow important ideas and expand them to fit your meaning, we guarantee visual satisfaction and we lend artistic meaning to designs to ensure that whoever sees our designs is free to discover what the designs stand for.

App Design and Development

NOVA4 is a company that is developing with its clients. We strive to keep up with trends and stay ahead with our artistic comparative advantage leading the way. In the world of app development, NOVA4 maintains a customized design process to ensure the client is receiving maximum utility from the app. We stress on security, practicability, speed and minimize maintenance and errors. Apps are designed for clients with a lot of input from them. Our team is equipped with technical, customer-oriented and creative skills to ensure that your app is developed according to three factors, what you ask for, the service it provides and our professional, aesthetic advice.